During the SONAR Laminated Wood production process, beech is used as the raw material, which is procured from Bulgaria.

In the Lamination technique, we utilize female and male templates that are made in 5-axis CNC machine supported with CAD_CAM technology.

Templates are placed in high frequency cold presses assisted by current generators. Papels, among which glue is spread, are placed between templates according to the production method; fibers of the layers are in the same direction or fiber directions of the layers are vertical. During the pressing, thanks to the current transmitted by high frequency generators to the glue molecules, papels are attached to each other. Required form is obtained in a period of time between 1 and 5 minutes depending on the material volume.

Long-lived chairs are manufactured by adding mechanical features to trees with lamination technique. Since forms are obtained in cold press assisted by high frequency generators, output is more than formed pieces obtained from lumber. Therefore, fast production becomes possible.

Usage of 5-axis CNC machine in the wood sector with the lamination technique allows us to create more original products in our design concepts. Besides, thanks to CAD, CAM and CNC it becomes possible to reach the sensitivity levels in the measures that cannot be reached with the traditional machines.

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