Since 1991, we provide high quality, reasonable price and service guarantee to our customers in Atatürk Organized Industry Region, which is one of the most modern organized industry regions in Turkey in "formed laminated wood" production. As Sonar Laminated Wood Industry, we realize successful commercial unions in external markets parallel to the developments performed in internal markets. Germany, Netherlands, England, Spain, Mexico, Israel are some of the countries that we have commercial liaisons as Laminated Wood Producer.

Our mission is to present our customers a wide product variety with the equipment, experience and qualified staff as Sonar Laminated Wood Industry. We provide the most economic solutions as soon as possible with the Total Customer Satisfaction principle. Our experienced staff creates you extraordinary places with its machine park having the most recent technology.

Our company strives to realize its foundation aim from the very first day, which is to expand the usage of Laminated Wood. The company found solutions to all problems of the market in terms of ergonomics and form and it serves to approximately 400 establishments domestically and abroad. Our company inspires industrial designers and architectures with its design concepts.

Atatürk Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 10008 Sok. No.5
Çiğli - İzmir / TÜRKİYE

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